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To create our range of Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs we spent many years and travelled many miles in search of the perfect gourmet experience.

Mom’s was founded by gourmet enthusiast Nick Pagett who very quickly asserted his passion into the frankfurter market. Tired of the so-so, me-too frankfurters on the market – which were, frankly, giving a dog a bad name, he went back to the roots.  Visiting master butchers and renowned frankfurter makers in Germany, our priorities were sharply focused on prime quality ingredients, a good firm bite, less dependency on salt and best in class, superior flavour.
Finally we found our perfect partners and working with them we created our range of fabulous hot dogs – including the legendary Mom’s Bad Boy™, a masterclass if ever there was one: mean, meaty and big enough to satisfy any appetite.
To make sure our frankfurters are enjoyed to the max we also created artisan rolls to hold them – proper bread made the proper way – and most recently, our own sauces to make them even more special.
We now supply our range to major venues, retailers and food service customers throughout the UK.
We’re always developing new recipes and can also create unique bespoke products for our larger customers, giving them an edge in the market.

Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs – we are The Home Of Great Taste.


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