Mom’s proud to support Spanish Stray Dogs

website hot news SSD2Spanish Stray Dogs is a registered charity committed to feeding and caring for over 300 neglected dogs in southern Spain. Set up three years ago, SSD has successfully given new lives in the UK to over 100 beautiful dogs from the barren council pounds of Cadiz. Dogs who, without help such as this, would not be here to tell their tales.

One lucky dog, Jack, was adopted by one of the Mom’s team last year. Twelve months later, there was a desperate appeal for another dog, Alonso, who had begun to shut down fast after his close companion had been rescued from the pound in 2014. Alonso was deteriorating with the worst case of canine depression seen since the charity’s beginning.

Upon hearing of Alonso’s plight and recognising the companion in the photo as Jack – the family offered to adopt Alonso immediately. Alonso arrived mid August 2015 and the scene of these dogs’ delight in being reunited was breathtaking.

This August, Mom’s arranged for one pallet of our Fabulous Frankfurters to arrive in Cadiz – a whopping total of 7,000 hot dogs – as a donation. Hot dogs are regularly used to administer important medication to the dogs, but at a high cost to charities each week, this is a constant drain on their sparce resources.

Mom’s Fabulous Frankfurter is a traditional fine textured, skinless gourmet hot dog. Its meaty, flavourful character is further boosted with a hint of smoke, gained from gently smoking over dried beechwood. It’s the type of all rounder that gets snapped up. At 90g each, there is plenty to enjoy.

Mom’s is delighted to know that there are over 300 very lucky doggies who are all licking their lips right now – and a charity that is finding the cost of caring for those dogs just a little bit easier.

For more information please contact 0845 548 2100

For more information on SSD, please visit

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