Mom’s launching new Beefy Dog

Beefy-Dog350pxMom’s is delighted to offer a new addition to its range of gourmet hot dogs – Mom’s Beefy Dog – made from 86% prime beef and, as with all of Mom’s hot dog family, quality of ingredients and authentic recipes are important, and this dog is no exception.

Mom’s Beefy Dog has a firm, extra smooth texture and a super rich, juicy and meaty flavour. Its flavourful character is further boosted with a hint of smoke, gained from gently smoking over beechwood. It is offered in a natural casing for a sensational snap bite.

The Beefy Dog joins Mom’s hugely successful portfolio of premium quality hot dogs, offering a variety of tastes and textures with something to suit everyone including, amongst others, Mom’s Fabulous Frankfurter; a fine textured, skinless hot dog, the infamous Mom’s Bad Boy®; a monster of a hot dog made with spiced, coarse-cut pork, and Mom’s Chilli Cheese; a sensational combination of prime pork with chopped chillies and real Gouda cheese.

Mom’s Beefy Dog has no artificial flavours or colours, it’s 18cm long and 85g in weight, is available as chilled with a storage life of 3-4 months.

For more information regarding Mom’s Beefy Dog, please call 0845 5482100.

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