Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs is being served at leading football venues

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Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs supplies a range of premium quality hot dogs, made with prime quality meat, finest ingredients and authentic recipes, smoked over kiln dried beechwood, for a firmer bite and maximum flavour. Mom’s hot dogs are served at many leading entertainment venues, theme parks, sports venues and foodservice sites across the UK and in Europe.

Mom’s has recently teamed up with Delaware North, one of the largest catering and management services company in the world, supplying it’s tasty and authentic menu of hot dogs at the leading sports venues. Delaware North is the catering and hospitality partner at a range of sporting venues including Wembley Stadium, Derby Ipro Stadium, Charlton Athletic’s The Valley, Fulham Craven Cottage and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

After years of seeking the perfect gourmet experience, Mom’s has created a hugely successful portfolio of delicious hot dogs, offering a variety of tastes and textures with something to suit everyone including, Mom’s Bad Boy®, Mom’s Fabulous Frankfurter, Mom’s Chilli Cheese, Mom’s Original, Mom’s Classic and Mom’s Junior hot dogs.

Mom’s Fabulous Frankfurter is a traditional fine textured, skinless gourmet hot dog. Its meaty, flavourful character is further boosted with a hint of smoke, gained from gently smoking over dried beechwood. It’s a good all rounder on Mom’s menu.

The infamous Mom’s Bad Boy® is the best seller on Mom’s menu. It’s extra coarse, meaty and smoky, made with spiced coarse cut pork in a natural casing for real bite. It truly is a real handful and rapidly becoming a legend in it’s own lunchtime!

Mom’s Classic is skinless for a tender bite and a straighter finish. Made with nothing but premium cuts of pork and beechwood smoked for an extra creamy smoky flavour, this is a true gourmet hot dog and worthy of its name. It’s so tasty and smooth in texture so that Mom’s made a smaller version to satisfy kids’ growing appetite – the kids gourmet hot dog, Mom’s Junior.

Same in ingredients to Mom’s Classic, Mom’s Original is made with cuts of visible coarse meat, and in a natural hog casing for that all important snap. It is traditionally slow smoked over kiln dried beechwood for a deep rich smoky flavour.

Mom’s Chilli Cheese is a sensational combination of prime pork with chopped chillies and real Gouda cheese, bringing a genuine spicy kick to your taste.

Lastly, the newly launched Mom’s Beefy Dog, a skinless quarter pounder made with 86% prime beef. It delivers a firm, extra smooth texture and a rich and juicy meaty flavour.

All served in a freshly baked roll with either Mom’s Tasty Tommy sauce, Mellow Mustard sauce or Bad Boy Chilli sauce, Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs will guarantee our eaters an unforgettable and satisfying dinning experience.

Mom’s hot dogs are often identifiable from their slightly shorter wider appearance, but in fact are the same weight as other hot dogs. Mom’s pride themselves on delivering only the very best products you’ll ever get your teeth in to.

Last year, Mom’s Bad Boy was blind tasted against the market by twenty stadia catering managers and the score is 20-0. Mom’s received a distinguish victory for the quality and taste of their hot dog.

Please come and visit Mom’s kiosks at these venues and grab a genuine bite from the home of the great taste.

Mom’s also has a range of free on loan equipment solutions, branded packaging and bespoke buns and sauces for every style of service.


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