Mom’s exhibiting at National Convenience Show (Stand C50)

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The return of Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs this year sees the showcasing of entire Mom’s fabulous gluten free gourmet menu: The newly launched Great British Hot Dog, a supreme quality hot dog made with only British Farm Assured meat; Mom’s Bacon N’Cheese Hot Dog – an innovative hot dog with great original concept and taste; Mom’s Cajun Chicken Hot Dog, the best Halal hot dog on the market, and Mom’s Gourmet Burger; the only fully cooked quarter pounder made with perfectly seasoned 99% pure prime beef; Mom’s Rosti Dog, a premium dog in a oven baked crisp golden potato rosti, available in four popular flavours.

The Great British Hot Dog is made with prime cuts of British pork. It has a firm, smooth and meaty texture, and a rich and creamy flavour as a result of being traditionally smoked over kiln dried beechwood. It is skinless for a tender bite and suitable for everyone.

Mom’s Bacon N’Cheese Hot Dog is filled with fresh Emmental cheese and wrapped in tasty bacon. This delicious novelty combination drives the hot dog revolution to a whole new level.

Mom’s Cajun Chicken Hot Dog is the best halal hot dog on the market.  Made using only fresh ingredients and prime thigh and breast meat, it has a smooth and meaty texture and a rich and spicy flavour. It is skinless for a tender bite.

Mom’s Gourmet Burger is made with perfectly seasoned 99% pure prime beef giving a juicy, succulent flavour and a meaty texture.  The burger also features BBQ marks on both sides and a rustic hand made appearance. Served in Mom’s own artisan glazed bun, with Mom’s fabulous sauces and chosen toppings, Mom’s Gourmet Burger is setting new standards in the burger stakes in venues all round the UK.

Finally, Mom’s Rosti Dog, the perfect hand held hot dog snack; a premium dog wrapped in a crispy oven baked potato. Available in four fabulous flavours: Mom’s Original Rosti, Mom’s Breakfast Rosti, Mom’s Chilli Cheese Rosti and Mom’s Veggie Rosti.

All of the above new hot dogs and burgers join Mom’s hugely successful premium quality hot dog menu, offering a variety of tastes and textures with something to suit everyone.  To taste the delicious range of gourmet hot dogs and Mom’s Gourmet Burger drop by stand C50.

To accompany its gourmet hot dogs Mom’s offers three delicious sauces; Tasty Tommy Sauce, Mellow Mustard Sauce and Bad Boy Chilli Sauce along with fine quality rolls, all of these delectable delights will be available to sample at stand C50 from one of Mom’s unique, fully branded retro styled carts.

Mom’s supply a range of custom designed equipment to hold their delicious gourmet hot dogs. The stylish and eye-catching retail steamer is also on show at the exhibition. With a compact footprint, the incredibly easy to clean, attractively lit steamer can hold up to 30 hot dogs and 16 rolls in perfect condition throughout the day, maintaining their superior flavour, with no deterioration in texture or colour.

M_Feb16_8 retouch 1000px wideAlso showcasing their new Topping Station and Sauce Station: specially designed to hold Mom’s Fabulous Sauces and your favourite toppings, these compact and practical stainless steel accessories are a perfect way to keep countertops tidy.

To find out more about the range of Fabulous Foods and custom designed equipment from Mom’s, email, call 0345 548 2100 or go to

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