Introducing Mom’s fully cooked Gourmet Burger

burger photo 150ppi 1Mom’s is pleased to announce the new addition to its highly successful gluten free menu – The Gourmet Burger – a fully cooked quarter pounder made with prime beef, using only the finest quality ingredients.

Mom’s Gourmet Burger is made with perfectly seasoned 99% pure prime beef giving a juicy, succulent flavour.  The burger also features BBQ marks on both sides and a rustic hand made appearance.

Mom’s Gourmet Burger is guaranteed to keep burger fanatics queuing for more.

Served in Mom’s own artisan glazed bun, with Mom’s fabulous sauces and chosen toppings, Mom’s Gourmet Burger is setting new standards in the burger stakes in venues all round the UK.

In the UK, burgers have been on the top of the fast food menu for decades. The desire for better food in casual dining settings is on the rise and the love of gourmet burgers continues to grow.  “Mom’s always seek to bring something unique and better to the consumers. After months of development, we are pleased with the launch of this premier quality burger.” Continues Nick Pagett, MD of Mom’s Fabulous Foods, “Like Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs, Mom’s Gourmet Burger offers the complete package from its taste to presentation. It not only delivers a succulent burger with great texture and flavour, but also the perfect gourmet experience. We aim to increase consumer confidence in gourmet fast food cuisine.”

The birth of Mom’s Gourmet Burger has driven the Mom’s fabulous offering to a whole new level. Made suitable for all the family, Mom’s fabulous foods will reach consumers on a wider scale.

Mom’s Gourmet Burgers have no artificial flavours or colours. They are available in a serving size of 95g offered in packs of 32.

For more information regarding Mom’s Gourmet Burger, please call 0345 548 2100 or email or visit

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